Charter Schools/Market Violence/Disruptive Innovation: Student Beating, Paying the Rich, and the Irrelevance of Facts

From Jim Horn. “Are you, like the President, a fan of the “No Excuses” charter schools for the children of the poor, the ones with no oversight except for what student camera phones can provide? Then you may enjoy Jamie’s House Charter School, where a special education teacher was fired this week after a student-shot video showed up on the local news. Apparently this kind of fight club atmosphere was established a while back, as the student complaint above was registered online a year and half ago. But nothing has been done since there has never been a publicly-elected school board to report to and no oversight allowed. After all, that kind of needless bureaucracy would get in the way of the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the CEOs who operate these chain gangs.”


“In the case of the latter reform strategy of declaring the facts irrelevant, New Jersey’s (and the Business Roundtable’s) Education Commissioner, Bret Schundler, provides a prime example. Because the reality does not fit the “terrible teacher” narrative that Governor Christie has adopted, two days ago Schundler denounced New Jersey Public Schools as a “wretched system” and the state’s #1 national ranking on the NAEP in both 4th and 8th grade reading and math as “irrelevant.” Facts don’t fit the ideology? Just declare them meaningless.”

From  the NYDailynews: “”Wealthy investors and major banks have been making windfall profits by using a little-known federal tax break to finance new charter-school construction. The program, the New Markets Tax Credit, is so lucrative that a lender who uses it can almost double his money in seven years. In Albany, which boasts the state’s highest percentage of charter school enrollments, a nonprofit called the Brighter Choice Foundation has employed the New Markets Tax Credit to arrange private financing for five of the city’s nine charter schools.”

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