Labor Beat Chicago Video Exposes Duncan’s Record


George N. Schmidt – September 26, 2009

The Chicago labor news organization Labor Beat is still circulating the hit video about Arne Duncan and his work in Chicago at

As it becomes more and more clear to more and more Americans that Arne Duncan’s Chicago Plan is worse than No Child Left Behind and more dangerous than anything done during the eight year presidency of George W. Bush, it’s more and more important that every who has Internet access takes a half hour to watch the Labor Beat story about the Chicago record of Arne Duncan.

“We used to call it segregation,” the story begins, quoting me. “Now we call it school reform…” It goes on from there to highlight the massive protests that greeted all of the Chicago lies of Arne Duncan. Those lies were only sustained because of Chicago’s unique dictatorial corporate “school reform” structure. As Chicago’s lies — from charter school and privatization to “turnaround” — become more the basis for national policy, people across the USA have the opportunity to learn about what actually happened in Chicago under Arne Duncan, who served as CEO of Chicago’s public schools from July 2001 through December 2008 at the behest of Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and Daley’s corporate backers.

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