The Kind of Resignation from Teachers Insurgents Don’t Want to See

From “An Educator’s Re-Education” blog. This is the conclusion of an open letter addressed to Arne Duncan (do read the entire post):

This is the end of my resignation; although I will remain in my classroom, I will no longer be a silent, complacent bystander, or worse, participant, while you have your way with the American education system; I have invested too much and there is too much at stake; neither my students nor I are going to end up in that abyss …not while there is still time to turn things around.


Christine McCartney
English Language Arts Teacher
Newburgh, NY

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  1. kuhiokane April 20, 2013 at 4:31 am

    Nice image. Up on the martyr’s cross and all. How terribly inane is your plea. Not you personally, mind you. But, consider this, you’re at the top of the mast, the crow’s nest, with your children surrounding you, you’re shield up to fight to the bitter end. I can dig that, ya know? But, down you go. Unless we have an army and ammo as large as the corporate enemy that has become the overclass, rentier class, the owner of everything measured, yours is a solemn and noble cry as the water surrounds the topping lift of the mast. Thank you for your fight. We need more action and less of this vanquishing of the privatization enemy. Time to fight. Time for revolt. Tell your ma, tell your pa, tell the kids, we stand on the edge of dark feudalism. So, let’s fight beyond the beatitudes and move to crush the roads and multiple levels of a hell that Dante would never understand.

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