A new century demands a new kind of education.
New education requires new methods of assessment.conceptions of evaluation.understandings of motivation.


What We Do

Research & Evaluation

I specialize in program evaluations, using a range of quantitative and qualitative approaches, data visualization techniques, and the production of utilization focused reports.

Motivation & Emotional Intelligence

A better understanding of emotional patterns and types of motivation helps clients attain their personal and professional goals. Services include motivational and emotional assessments and coaching.

Featured Client


“When initial conversations between the Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) and NewEdu took place, it was clear that Dr. Mark Garrison was truly interested in learning about us, our needs and our work, and was not merely seeking a consulting contract. Mark and Agnes (Zak-Moskal) made it a priority to develop a solid understanding of PAGE and its focus, which led to a well-crafted proposal to assist us in our research. Effective design, creative yet efficient processes, and ongoing communication characterized this first joint venture between PAGE and NewEdu. The final report that grew out of our case study has already proven to serve as a valuable tool, both inside and outside our organization. Throughout our partnership, NewEdu’s default practice has been to listen, pose insightful questions, and offer thoughtful recommendations.

A tangential benefit to working with NewEdu has been the acceleration of our own learning, which Mark and Agnes view as an important aspect of their customer-centric approach. The comfortable, polished and professional manner with which NewEdu engaged with us in this initial interaction has led PAGE to move ahead with a second agreement, which we believe will produce additional academic documentation that PAGE’s work is making a difference. If you are looking for a team of true thinkers, a team that also writes well and that commits to unwavering client support, NewEdu should absolutely be considered for your project.” — David Reynolds, The Impact Project

Read PAGE’s press release regarding our 2015 case study; the full report is available here. See our 2017 interim report of PAGE’s South Georgia School District Network. We are now working with PAGE staff to learn about the effect of PAGE’s eight-district network-based professional learning effort in northern Georgia.

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Agnes Zak-Moskal holds a BA in psychology from Hunter College, an MA in organizational psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University, and an Ed.D in Educational Leadership from D’Youville College. Agnes has extensive background knowledge in organizational psychology, specializing in emotional intelligence and motivation. Agnes’ innovative research focuses on how a new understanding of motivation can be applied to improve student engagement, and how that engagement leads to enhance student learning, retention and success. Agnes helps organizations learn about and apply knowledge of student motivation through active learning workshops, best-practice seminars and coaching. She has extensive experience working in the non-for-profit arts sector as well. This work has been recognized with awards and grants from foundations and government officials. Agnes grew up in Poland and is bilingual. Her experience as an immigrant and English as a second language student brings a unique perspective to her study of emotions, student motivation and learning. Currently, Agnes serves as the Director of Student Success Center at Villa Maria College, overseeing First-Year advisement, the mentorship program as well as tutoring and probation services.
A graduate of the University of Buffalo (BA, MA, Ph.D), Mark has extensive knowledge in the fields of sociology and education. From his years of research and experience as a college professor, academic programs developer and administrator, Institutional Review Board director, and accreditation report writer, Mark has a keen understanding of relationship between education and society. His scholarship and writings have garnered national attention, including two national awards for his book on the political origins of standardized testing. Mark is known as an engaging and incisive speaker, commenting on a range of critical issues in education. His work focuses on educational policy, politics and their relationship to social inequality, with a particular focus on standardized testing and social science methodology. He also studies student motivation and emerging educational technologies. Mark actively collaborates with k-12 and higher education professionals, advocates for democratic governance, and provides professional learning, evaluation and consultative services.


Program Evaluations

Professional Association of Georgia Educators

Evaluation of Professional Learning; Building Assessment Capacity

Since 2014, we have lead PAGE staff to evaluate two of their signature professional learning opportunities, while also working to build the evaluation capacity of the organization and foster effective utilization of evaluation results. This has included the production of a case study of two schools involved in the High School Redesign Initiative, and an interim report of PAGE’s South Georgia School District Network. We are currently working with PAGE staff to learn about the impact of its eight-district network-based professional learning effort in northern Georgia.


Program Development

Canisius College

Reviewed new doctoral program proposal; prepared and presented recommendations to senior administrative team.

Retention Initiatives

Villa Maria College

Campus Culture and Student Success

Presented workshops on staff and student motivation. Conducted an assessment of campus culture via focus groups of faculty and analysis of student survey data, offering recommendations regarding support for first-generation students and how faculty can better support these students; developed and lead learning experiences for college personnel at area high schools to deepen faculty understanding of the preparation, experiences and expectations of students transitioning to college.


Center for Professional Studies

D’Youville College

Workshops: Understanding the Link between Student Motivation and Student Retention; A New Method for Motivating Students in the Classroom.



West Seneca Teachers’ Center

West Seneca School District

Workshops: A New Method for Motivating Students in the Classroom; Teaching Thinking, Teaching Skill; Motivation: Situation Analysis; Using Educational Technology to Increase Student Motivation; A New Method for Evaluating Education Policy: The Case of Big Data.

Orleans-Niagara Teacher Center

Workshop: A New Method for Motivating Students in the Classroom.

Tonawanda/Grand Island Teacher Center

Workshop: A New Method for Motivating Students in the Classroom.


Dr. Matthew Giordano, Vice President for Academic AffairsVilla Maria College

“Dr. Mark Garrison has aided Villa Maria College immensely in its quest to become the premier student-centered institution in Western New York. He is seemingly an endless reservoir of knowledge about educational policy, the psychology of learning, self-determination theory, and effective pedagogy, across the full spectrum of educational levels and settings. His rare ability to grasp educational issues from the perspectives of students, teachers, and administrators alike makes him uncommonly effective, dismantling the roadblocks that often get in the way of improving teaching and learning. It’s been a pleasure to work with him and benefit from his professionalism, sharp wit, analytical thinking, and focus on getting real results.”


Jonathan Dalbo, CIO & Director of Instructional TechnologyWest Seneca Central School District

“Dr. Garrison and Dr. Zak-Moskal’s research as it relates to student motivation is not only theoretical, but also practical. Their workshop on using technology to increase student motivation marries the importance of technology with sound pedagogy. It was refreshing to participate in workshops that effectively translate theory into practice. I highly recommend their courses.”

David Reynolds, The Impact ProjectProfessional Association of Georgia Educators

“We are very pleased with NewEdu’s outstanding support of our organization’s work, as we now better understand the degree of influence we are having with our customers and we have more ideas for how PAGE might focus its efforts in the future.”

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