Review of “A Measure of Failure: The Political Origins of Standardized Testing”

The February issue of Counseling Today carries a review of my book by Aaron W. Hughey, professor of counseling and student affairs, Western Kentucky University. The essay begins: “True or false: Proponents of standardized testing are, unintentionally or otherwise, pushing an agenda that intrinsically advocates racism and socioeconomic oppression. Intrigued? Then read on. It really is… Continue reading

Are Tests Measures of Test Taking Ability?

In a recent discussion of my book, A Measure of Failure, the typical argument against any critique of standardized testing was issued in response to a favorable review of the book’s main points. In the comments we read: “A math test, such as the math portion of the SAT for instance, most certainly measures a… Continue reading

The Questions of Education Reform Are Really Questions of Who Decides

It is clear that the education “reform” is being driven by a tiny minority of super wealthy “philanthropists”, executive authorities at state and federal levels of government, and some select “experts”. These are the same forces that have been “leading” education “reform” for the past 30 years, with the result that little has improved, while… Continue reading

Former Superintendent Describes Schools as Drudgery and Opposes Logic of “Race to the Top”

In a November 16 commentary at Education Week former Superintendent and Connecticut Commissioner of Education Betty Sternberg challenges central tenants of current “education reform” efforts. Sternberg suggests this is how students see school: It’s drudgery. We sit alone at our desks and silently answer lots of questions that our teachers tell us look like the… Continue reading

American Enterprise Institute Holds Forum on “Increasing Accountability in American Higher Education”

Inside Higher Ed reports that a conference organized by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) yesterday sought to define accountability for higher education. The author, Doug Lederman, suggested that much of the discussion follows from the so-called Spellings’ Commission on the Future of Higher Education. While the call of one presenter to limit tenure certainly deserves… Continue reading

“National Standards” and the Public Good

In recent reports about the movement for “common standards for core curriculums in mathematics and reading” concern has been raised with respect to the political nature of the “common standards” agenda. Do these standards constitute “national standards”? To this question, organizers of the initiative say, “No. This initiative is driven by collective state action and… Continue reading

Teacher-blogger Dina Strasser on “Common Core” Standards

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) invited teacher-blogger Dina Strasser to comment on the “common core” standards. Portions of her commentary are below. * * * When ASCD asked me to write on the National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers’ (CCSSO) draft English/Language Arts core standards, I agreed with… Continue reading

Thousand Demonstrate Against California Education Cuts

From: Jack Gerson and other reporters (as indicated) – September 25, 2009 Well over 5,000 students, staff and faculty packed the University of California Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza on September 24, 2009, to protest sweeping layoffs, deep cuts to academic and research programs, steep tuition hikes, and the privatization of public education in California. More… Continue reading

Labor Beat Chicago Video Exposes Duncan’s Record

From George N. Schmidt – September 26, 2009 The Chicago labor news organization Labor Beat is still circulating the hit video about Arne Duncan and his work in Chicago at As it becomes more and more clear to more and more Americans that Arne Duncan’s Chicago Plan is worse than No Child Left… Continue reading

Great News: Capitalism Will Provide High Paying Jobs for All, but Only With National Standards!

On July 2, 2009 The American Prospect published an interview with Dane Linn, director of education for the National Governors’ Association (NGA). In the interview, Linn “innovates” the already well-developed ruling class method of disinformation. This “director of education” actually argues that students require tough national standards because there is a “gap between how U.S…. Continue reading

“Best Urban School District in America” Blocks Access to Websites Critical of “Education Reform”

Reports on Gerald Bracey’s Education Disinformation and Detection Reporting Agency email discussion listserv indicate that teachers, students and administrators in the Aldine Independent School District, Houston, Texas are blocked from viewing at least two websites offering alternative views of “education reform” in the United States. Based on student performance on state tests, the district was… Continue reading