Detroit Free Press: MEAP may be replaced by national online test

Following the Common Core Standards Blitzkrieg, spurred on by ARRA funds used to bribe states into compliance with the monopoly agenda of Gates et al, national testing is here.

“Michigan’s MEAP test could undergo a radical change by the 2014-15 school year — becoming an online assessment given in schools across the country.”

“Michigan adopted the common core standards in June, a requirement to be part of the Smarter Balances Assessment Consortium, a group of states creating the new standardized test.”

This of course is based on the Race to the Top Assessment Program. “Creation of the new test is contingent upon $350 million in U.S. Department of Education grants expected to be handed out in September. Part of the Race to the Top money was set aside for two grants to develop assessments for common core standards.”

“Faster test results could make helping kids easier” — as if that were the main problem identified by teachers, students and parents. At least for lead poisoned families living in Detroit, this represents a violent aloofness of immense proportion.

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