Review of “A Measure of Failure: The Political Origins of Standardized Testing”

The February issue of Counseling Today carries a review of my book by Aaron W. Hughey, professor of counseling and student affairs, Western Kentucky University.

The essay begins: “True or false: Proponents of standardized testing are, unintentionally or otherwise, pushing an agenda that intrinsically advocates racism and socioeconomic oppression. Intrigued? Then read on. It really is an understatement to claim that standardized testing permeates every aspect of our culture. Testing is employed in a variety of settings and affects our lives in ways that most of us do not even realize. Nowhere, however, is its influence more evident than in our educational institutions. Testing has become the driving force behind current efforts to reform our public schools. Unfortunately, it has a sinister dimension that has been beyond the comprehension of most of the general public — until now.”

Read the complete review.

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