Engaging the Public in Discussing the Common Core and the Privatization of Public Education

The June issue of Buffalo Spree has a piece by Bruce Adams, entitle Education Counterrevolution, in which I’m featured; I also introduced the article, along with Buffalo Spree editor Elizabeth Licata, on AM Buffalo yesterday as well.

In the coming weeks, I will keynote two events, during which I’ll summarize my latest findings regarding the political significance of the Common Core Standards Initiative, and where I think these findings point us. The article in Buffalo Spree has generated more interest in serious discussion about the Common Core agenda, serving to counter propaganda that opposition to the Core only comes from a few “fringe elements” who don’t “care about the kids.” It along with the upcoming forums described below can serve to involve more people in discussion about what is taking place in public education. Those who wish to dismantle public education have historically used the summer to hatch their plans, expecting passivity among parents and teachers as the school year comes to an end. These events can contribute to energizing the public.

The first event will take place at Karpeles Manuscript Library (453 Porter Ave. Buffalo, New York, 14201) on Tuesday, June 10, from 4:00pm – 6:00pm. My talk will be focused on teachers, and the connection between the Common Core Standards Initiative and test-based teacher evaluation policies (generally known as “Value-added Models”). This event has been organized by area teachers, and is unaffiliated with an organization.

The second event will take place at Kleinhans Music Hall in the Mary Seaton Room, on Wednesday, June 18, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. The event is titled: “Unmasking Standardized Testing, Billionaire Privateers and the Common Core.” During this talk I will present a broad overview of the contents of my forthcoming book on the Common Core. Emphasis here will be given to connecting those who have organized and paid for the Common Core Initiative to broader social changes, especially those related to governance changes arising from those usurping public power to privatize public education and other socially necessary institutions. This event is jointly sponsored by the Buffalo Teachers Federation, Hamburg Teachers, New York State United Teachers, and parent-teacher organizations. It marks an important effort to inform and engage educators, parents and the public at large.

During each event, I’ll offer time for questions and for folks to share their views about what is unfolding. I encourage everyone to bring with them questions thought to be key for determining how to defend the interests of the public and work to renew public education in the current contexts. Or even better, share with me below via comments your questions!

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  1. Ray Peterson June 9, 2014 at 6:19 pm

    Mark, check out the Buffalo News today,
    Letters to the editor, I wrote to give you
    as much public access as I could think of,
    an fortunately they printed it.
    Looking forward to seeing Tuesday,
    Ray Peterson

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