Upcoming Event: Evaluating “Big Data” Workshop

This workshop presents a new model of how to evaluate an education reform and offers participants a chance to practice using the model. As a case application, the model is used to evaluate the rise of Big Data and what is called “personalized learning” (in K-12 contexts) or “learner analytics” (in post-secondary contexts). The aim of the workshop is to better enable participants to evaluate a reform from the point of view of both classroom practice and system functioning. By understanding what drives current education reform efforts and who supports and opposes them, educators are better equipped to understand what is at stake in terms of classroom practice and for education that serve the public good. Participants will be guided through an online investigation of the rise of Big Data in education and an analysis of their findings. Participants will be provided with a variety of online resources that will help them analyze any education reform.

I will be joined by one of my students whose dissertation focuses on the role of “Big Data” in the privatization of public education.

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