Website Dedicated to Gathering Responses to the New York State ELA Exam

While NYS/Pearson refuse to recognize the legitimate claims of the public to view and thus evaluate tests used to evaluate public school students and educators, there is little NYSED can do at the moment to stop efforts to gather and publish first-hand experiences of educators and parents (albeit within the undemocratic confines that I believe are illegally being imposed; note that most other states are at least sharing a portion of actual test items following test administration). Here’s the introduction to the website. I encourage everyone to participate.

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Since New York State’s high stakes test (a Pearson test) was given, this site has served as a place for teachers and principals to respond to that test. As of May 2, we have created a page for others to react to the postings made by teachers and principals who observed the test in action.

The entire site was developed in recognition that New York State students have just taken a test that represents a whole new generation of high-stakes CCSS aligned test. These tests will affect curriculum, shape how reading and writing are taught, determine students’ futures and their views of themselves, and will influence who is hired and fired. If we are to continually improve testing and teaching, learning from data in the fullest sense of the word, it is important that people who care about education hear from those who have observed the test in action. Although granted, it is not permissable to cite specific test items and passages, it is important that observations, ideas, insights, lessons, and suggestions for future teaching and testing are heard. How can we do better at teaching and at testing another year?

We invite you to share observations and ideas, and to respond to those that others make here on this site. Although the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project has launched ths site for you, the views expressed will not necessarily represent those of the faculty, trustees or administrators of Teachers College, nor of the team at the TCRWP.

We reserve the right to edit or delete entries that quote a specific test item or passage in detail that is not permissible by NYS or that contains offensive content. If you see that your entry had been deleted, a bit of it may have crossed the boundary of what is approved by the state. Please check your entry, delete that bit, and then resubmit it.

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