Anthony Cody: Update on the Political Dynamics of the Common Core and Education “Reform”

From Living in Dialogue: The Republican National Committee resolves to oppose the Core. Eleven states consider “dumping” the Core. “In California this week, the state Democratic Party convention voted to condemn Michelle Rhee’s Students First and the hedge fund-sponsored Democrats for Education Reform.” And, Arne Duncan calls on big capital to endorse the Core; ExxonMobile leads with TV campaign in support of the Core. There’s a map, too!

Cody believes:

The Democratic Party has an internal battle ahead that goes to the very core of its spirit. Educators remain a core constituency, and public education reflects absolute core values. But the resolution by the California party convention is a signal that the road may no longer be smooth for leaders who embrace privatization and school closures. And the new focus by the GOP on an ever-less popular Common Core puts some Democrats in a spot where they do not have much wiggle room.

Of course, Obama’s new “database” might not be shared with, or even used against, those Democrats who refuse to “follow the plan.” This suggests the demise of the party system as new governing arrangements are brought into being. The changes I’ve been discussing are by far not limited to school governance!

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