Public Forum on High Stakes Testing and the Need to Rethink Reform

Opinion polls and experience suggest that most people have been kept in the dark about how and why public education is being radically restructured, and in particular, they have been ill-informed about the role and effect of high stakes testing in this transformation.

The public forum on high stakes testing and the need to rethink reform is a space for sharing this information and joining together to share views on how to advance public schooling in the twenty first century. (Download the flyer.)

In-forming the Public is the work of Democratic Renewal

Public Forum Flyer for Rethinking Reform @ UB

Two things stand out: the need for public information and the need for the public to come together to make sense of that information as a public. It is time for the public itself to assess its schools and not accept the paternalistic assertions of self-appointed reformers and their private interests about what public education should look like. This is the imperative of democratic renewal that stands behind the need to publically rethink reform.

The society is at a turning point where the public needs to form and strengthen itself as an decision-making agent by summing up the experience of public education and determining together what direction for public education will serve the general, public interest, while identifying and affirming the different needs of members of this public.

Since I’ll be one of the panelists at this forum, I welcome suggestions (in the comments or via the contact form) of themes to discuss, facts to present or otherwise shared views about the work needed that this forum represents.

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