Carol Burris: Common Core Tests and the New Tracking

Don’t believe for second Ken Slentz, Commissioner King, and the other insurgents working in New York State. Slentz, at a recent meeting, compared NYSED and federally imposed education policy to ending slavery in the United States. In response to concerns about NYSED reforms from across the state, Slentz told the assembled school leaders that they would be moving full speed a head. Slentz, as is the case with Obama and others, likened his work to commodify education and impose a privatized form of governance over schools to the Civil War era and Lincoln in particular. This is significant for many reasons, the least of which is the obvious delusions of grandeur on his part.

Read what Carol Burris has to say, and note this key observation by Ravtich: “They [Common Core tests] will be used in New York to determine whether students ages 8-14 are “college-ready.” Can you imagine that? A test taken by a child of 8 will tell you whether he or she is college ready!”

As I suggested with the inBloom database, we are witnessing the re-birth of tracking — a kind of tracking like never before, a kind of tracking that will be squarely opposed by public opinion. I had joked in that article that the data would be used to track if students are “ready to vote”. Maybe that too is on the way.

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