Conservative Teachers of America: White House Hosts “Datapalooza” Built on Common Core Tests

This post reveals a key part of the Core program: controlling the goals of students through the mediation of the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI). This comment follows from assertions presented in the linked eScholar video (do watch it):

Here’s the thing I don’t get, and here is why I really think why this should bug you. You don’t need a whole bunch of educational data in a big database to teach a child how to set goals. The government doesn’t need to retain all that data in a gigantic database to help a child set goals and fulfill those goals. So, not only are our kids going to feel like animals in a cage with this new one size fits all curriculum, they are going to be finely measured lab rats for companies like eScholar.

In the video, the question is posed: “How do I know if I achieve a goal?” The answer is of course through a database built with Common Core assessments! (The eScholar guy is really excited about that! I wonder how he managed to set his goals last year absent this fine tool?) Without the Core, without the assessments, we are told, we cannot see if “we” are meeting “our” goals! This is an explicit attack on the role of direct experience in human agency. I may be wrong, but humans have been assessing the realization of their goals for quite some time, all without the help of a government imposed centralized private database controlled by private entities accountable to no public. Even if it were needed, this form of data governance almost ensures the data will not serve the interests of students, parents, teachers or school administrators.

I say: no “dataization” without representation!

2 Comments Conservative Teachers of America: White House Hosts “Datapalooza” Built on Common Core Tests

  1. Dino March 26, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    On the video
    1. Now this is tracking … Here’s your “pathway” Johnny and don’t deviate!
    2.He says son LOVES school, AND says he feels like an animal in a cage ???

  2. Mark Garrison March 26, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    It is actually a good example of folks ignoring their direct experience.

    He also suggests that “data” provides one with goals. This is not true. Goals are an expression of philosophy, ideology, culture in various forms. Analysis of data might reveal something, but the collection of the data and actions taken up on the basis of data are context dependent. History. Culture.

    He also suggests that data help one achieve goals; based on his data base, if one wants to be a doctor, his data shows the path. This suggests there is one path. One way.

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