DataGate Update: Press Conference on Student Privacy

There will be a press conference regarding growing concerns about student privacy this Thursday. Background to the issue can be found here, in addition to my recent post opposing the initiative.

It appears the New York State Department of Education will be issuing a “field memo” regarding the issue to school personal throughout New York State in the near future, likely in response to growing public concern, a concern that seems to be at least in part a result of growing opposition to the anti-public school reform movement (even more testing, more corporate charters, more cuts to funding for public schools, etc).

Another player in the data management for New York State is the New York Schools Data Analysis Technical Assistance Group (Datag), registered for tax purposes as a “Not for Profit Association”. School administrators from across NYS are convening at Datag this week. The connection between inBloom and Datag — actual or planned — needs to be explored.

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