Anthony Cody on the Common Core: The Technocrats Re-engineer Learning

From Living in Dialogue:

As criticism of No Child Left Behind and the associated tests rises, we are hearing more and more about the Common Core Standards (CCS), the next great thing that is supposed to fix all that ails us. When a talking pineapple made New York tests a laughing stock, state education commissioner John King reassured us,

It is important to note that this test section does not incorporate the Common Core and other improvements to test quality currently underway. This year’s tests incorporate a small number of Common Core field test questions. Next year’s test will be fully aligned with the Common Core.

My comment: So while there are many things one might say about this and Cody’s article, it should be pointed out that King’s comment is a clear example of an increasing trend: those now holding positions of power and drone on about the need for “accountability” (as if it were a thing to be purchased) are themselves acting with impunity. King takes no responsibility for this assumed “mistake”.

In my view, the pineapple question is not a mistake but rather a reflection of the type of world those pushing “reform” envision — a world where human beings are pushed to accept irrationalism or else face more “incentives”.

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