Alan Singer: Cuomo, Common Core and Pearson-for-Profit

One of the arguments of this article is that New York State education policy serves to assist Cuomo’s quest for the U.S. Presidency, and to enrich his friends in Pearson Publishing, who are presented as almost single-handedly giving rise to the Common Core State Standards (even though many foundations, corporations and think tanks are all publicaly involved in pushing the Common Core).

While the actual connections to Pearson that are documented in the article are important to know in order to make sense of the Common Core love fest, the conclusions that narrow profit motive and office-seeking is driving the Common Core implementation in New York is both politically naive (the Core must be serving a much broader constituency of the elite than the publishing sector) and hides much of the more politically important policy content — namely the evident demise of State’s rights as a frame for U.S. governance[1], the overall trend of the privatization of public education and the decline in the role of school boards in curriculum and personnel decisions (as the Core will be connected to assessments used to retain or fire teachers).


  1. Witness the defeat of state laws in opposition to the Core: both South Carolina and Utah saw failed attempts at legislation opposing the Common Core

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