Recording Photo of an Old Motel

One of the things I enjoy most about recording and producing is testing out new ideas — Pete Lund’s new release¬†(September 2012) is a good example.

For this track, I wanted something softer and less direct than in the other recordings I did with Pete. I thought it might be interesting to record both the vocals and acoustic guitar with a room mic during tracking. Typically this is done in much larger rooms, but I heard a certain richness to the guitar when walking by the drums during set-up; so I set up a Rode NT5 to capture what I heard.

Panned hard in the mix, the result is some eerie depth and a less direct sound than in “Last Addiction” (released June 2012). Of course, a key effect is the POG (polyphonic harmonic generator), something of a signature sound for Sound Garrison, appearing on many of Charles Mansfield’s released and upcoming material (e.g., “Ghosts“).